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The Benefits of Using Victory Disability Over a Local Attorney for SSDI Representation

Many people ask if they need an attorney to represent their disability claim, and if so, why not choose someone local. First, it is always wise to hire an attorney when filing or appealing a disability claim. Because attorneys are knowledgeable about the Social Security disability process, and will do all they can to make sure you are prepared, your chances of winning are significantly higher. However, just because representation will increase your chances of success, that does not mean all representation is equal. Local attorney’s may seem convenient, but there are many drawbacks. Continue reading to find out why Victory Disability is the smarter choice when it comes to SSDI representation.

Victory Disability:

  1. Only handles Social Security Disability Insurance
  2. Only handles Veterans claims
  3. Is experienced in dealing with the VA
  4. Has a network of over 300 attorneys nationwide, thus handling cases across the United States
  5. Does not charge for medical records, win or lose.

Local Attorney’s:

  1. Rarely handle only SSDI claim, therefore are not up to date with the rules and regulations
  2. Do not often have experience with SSDI claims
  3. Do not have a good rapport with Social Security and the Judges
  4. Will charge for the acquisition of medical records

Veterans interested in applying for VA Disability Compensation or Social Security Disability with the help of Victory Disability should call 1-866-350-7229. To determine if you are eligible for SSDI benefits, complete the Social Security Disability Evaluation.