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VA disability and SSDI

Can I Receive Veterans Disability And Social Security Disability Income Simultaneously?

To start off, this is in fact possible. That in mind, it really depends on what type of benefits you currently are receiving at the time. Firstly, you can apply to both at the same time but, qualifying for one does not mean you will qualify for the other. Both of the benefit programs have different views on what is considered “disability”.

They also do not have identical application processes either. However, you can apply for both online if you choose to do so. Otherwise you need a VA form 21-526 to apply for Veterans Disability and for Social Security Disability you may visit a Social Security office close to you and file in person.

The best way to apply is as early as possible. For veterans disability, you should apply immediately when you have a disability that is due to your military service. For Social Security Disability, you should apply immediately when your disability constricts you from working and performing your daily work tasks.

VA & SSA disability requirements

VA Disability: Requires disability is related to and or has worsened because of military service
SSA Disability: Requires disability to restrict you from performing full-time work for at least 1 full year 

If you are to benefit from either of the two programs, the payment methods differ. For VA disability, your benefits received depend on what percentage of disability you are given. The higher the disability, the higher your benefits will be.

For SSA, your benefits are based on the wages you earned while working. Once you are granted benefits it will take around 6 months to several years to receive these benefits for VA disability. For SSA disability, it takes arounds a few months to possibly over a year.