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Cessation of Disability Benefits

The Social Security Administration (SSA) may determine that you are no longer eligible to receive benefits, thus resulting in a cessation of disability benefits. In other words, the SSA can terminate your disability payments if they deem it reasonable.

Notice of cessation of disability benefits may be received following a Continuing Disability Review (CDR), review of your income, etc. Regardless, if you believe that you still qualify for benefits, it is of the upmost priority that you file an appeal as soon as possible.

The SSA requires that you submit a Request for Reconsideration form within 10 days of receiving your notice if you would like to continue collecting disability benefits during the appeal process. In the instance that you do not wish to receive benefits during that time, or you miss the deadline, the SSA allows 60 days for the SSA-789-U4 form to be filed.

This is a simple form that asks for your basic identifying information, why you disagree with the cessation decision, additional medical evidence, and whether you will be present at your hearing. It is particularly important to focus upon the medical information, as this is a heavily weighed factor. Make sure to include the contact information for your treating physician, along with any new medical evidence that supports your claim to benefits. Additionally, it is crucial that you attend the hearing. Although this is optional, your chances of a successful appeal are better when you are present in person. Another way to improve your prospects is to hire an attorney. Call Victory Disability at 1-866-350-7229 to speak with one of our representatives now about attorney assistance!

The final step of the appeal process is completing the “Disability Report – Appeal” form (SSA-3441-BK). This is another measure to provide updated contact and medical information. It is good practice to provide more information than you think needed.

How Can Victory Disability Help?

Victory Disability has a network of attorney’s across the United States that can assist with your appeal. Upon receiving a cessation of disability benefits notice, contact us immediately at 1-866-350-7229. Our hard working attorney’s will not only represent you on-site at your hearing, but will guide you through the entire process. Why risk the termination of benefits on your own when Victory Disability will fight for you!