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Common Mistakes After A Denial Notice

A lot of the time when a claimant is to receive a disability denial notification, they seem to think that their chances of ever being granted benefits are over or they make very wrong decisions after denial. Majority of the time during the claims process, you will not be successful on your first claim and it will take more than one try to be granted your benefits. That being said, you still can be successful during your initial application as long as your disability case is strong enough your first time around to prove you truly need and require monthly compensation from such a benefits program.

The first and most common mistake most people make is not following up after their initial claim. This is the best opportunity to be proactive and appeal your denied claim if that is the notice you have received. Remember, during this time period of appealing your denied claim that if you are not quick to act that you may be required to file a whole new claim. The Social Security Administration allows you 60 days to act upon your initial claim before it closes. Deciding to go the other route and just file a new claim will be more time consuming and will only set you back further in your claims process. The reason you want to appeal your denied claim is because you avoid the initial claims process that is usually time consuming and will appeal the denied claim, a disability hearing can be scheduled where you can come prepared with a disability attorney and help better your claims case to win your benefits.

Representation is key in the SSDI process as having a professional work for you and do the work correctly is exactly what you need. Claimants sometimes do not know that these disability representatives are what they need and they go into the claims process alone and don’t get the results they want. Please do not be silly, hire a SSDI lawyer/attorney and get your claim in the correct position it needs to be. They are worth the time and they do not get paid unless you win your claim, so do not worry about costs of hiring one.

Another commonly made mistake is not providing enough information within your disability claim and being very vague. You need to be as accurate and detailed with your disability and include any injuries or impairments that you are dealing with and to never lie and make your disability seem any worse or better than it truly is. Be as honest as possible and include everything! Choosing to not do so can cause your case decision to be made easily if you are just giving them no detailed information on your day to day conditions and how you are able to move around, sleep, shower, eat, etc.

 Consider all medical professionals you have worked with and visited and include any documentation possible. You are fighting for your benefits you deserve so remember to try as hard as you can and the better and more supportive your case is, the higher your odds will be of receiving your monthly compensation. As long as you can avoid these silly mistakes that are commonly made and be proactive about your claim, you should be successful. Remember to be confident and work with an attorney to create the best case possible for yourself!