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Common Mistakes after Receiving a Denial of Social Security Disability or SSI Benefits

There are many commonly made mistakes claimants make after receiving a denial for SSDI or SSI benefits. We are going to cover all of them and examine how to avoid following these mistakes most people make.

Firstly, most claimants biggest mistake is that when they first receive a denial notice, that is the final say and they do not appeal their denied claim. Always appeal a denied claim if possible as your chances of being approved will increase. That said, if a claim is denied at the reconsideration level, you then will be able to file a request for a disability hearing and having a disability representative will dramatically help your chances.

The next biggest mistake is disability claimants that receive a denial notice decide to file a new claim rather than filing an appeal. This is not a good alternative as you will be repeating the same process your claim is going through as if you are to appeal your denied claim you are eventually going to get your case reviewed by a federal judge and have a better chance of being approved for benefits

Lastly, another common mistake made is that claimants have the intentions of appealing their denied claim, but ultimately miss the appeal deadline! Missing the appeal deadline will force the claimant to fully restart and file a new claim for disability benefits. Some reasons claimants miss the deadline are they are discouraged and forget about the time period in which they have to appeal, they are looking for the right representative and take too long and lastly they just give up after being denied. Always appeal a denied claim and get representative help.

Two Questions To Keep In Mind

How Does SSDI Representation Work?

-If you are to get denied, you should obtain disability representation as soon as possible. Doing so will always increase your chances of success for being approved. Social Security Disability Representatives will be there for you through the whole process, helping you with paperwork and making sure you are providing as much medical documentation to prove your disability and have the strongest case possible to be approved. They are a great resource to have when going through with a disability claim.

How Long Does My Attorney Have To File A Social Security Disability Appeal?

-If your claim is denied, you and your attorney have a 60 day window to file a social security disability appeal according to the date on the denial notice. That said, the SSA allows a five day period for mailing of notices. (So about 65 days total). If the appeal claim is not filed by the end of that 65th day then you will be required to file a brand new claim if you still wish to fight for benefits. You can not pursue the original claim filed after that 65 day window has passed and you have not filed for an appeal.