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Common Social Security Questions

  • Can I work while I am receiving SSD or SSI benefits? Yes, you can work as long as you are not exceeding the SGA income limit 
  • If I am currently working, am I still eligible to receive SSD or SSI benefits? You are still eligible to receive benefits if you are currently working a certain amount. Working does not rule you out of being eligible as long as your monthly income does not exceed the SGA limit
  • What does Social Security mean when referring to “other work”? “Other work” is considered to be physical and mental requirements that do not exceed the claimant’s capability.
  • What is the time length I need to be out of work to receive SSD? There is no exact time length needed for this. The main requirement is that the claimant is disabled and if they have any medical/mental impairments, that is when they should file for a disability claim.
  • What is my income limit if I am to receive SSD or SSI benefits?Currently for 2019, the SGA amount is $1220.00 for monthly income, which is $40 higher than 2018.
  • Will my disability claim be automatically denied if I am working? If you are working and your earnings are above the SGA limit per month ($1,220) then you will be automatically denied social security benefits
  • How are my medical records viewed by Social Security? All medical documentation is provided by yourself to Social Security. 
  • Will I be turned down if I am capable of doing my past work? This is not a good decision to make as returning to work can jeopardize your benefits. That said, if you are able to do your past work, your benefits will be taken away.
  • If I am “paid under the table”, can I still be eligible for social security disability benefits? The short answer is no, you must pay into the social security system to be eligible for these benefits

How much is the cost of an SSDI attorney?

It is well known how difficult the social security process can be. That said, most people will not understand or be apparent of all the rules and guidelines that are present with social security. A way was established for those applying for disability that can have legal representation without having to pay their attorneys prior to their work of representing them. Attorneys must be compliant with these rules to be able to work and represent disability applicants in disability cases. 

 Attorneys collect fees for representing applicants if…

  • An applicant becomes approved for disability benefits
  • An applicant is eligible to back payments. The fee for this is 25% of the back payment and up to $6,000.

When coming to a deal with a lawyer, there will be a fee agreement involved that will state that both parties agree on a 25% or $6,000 maximum payment. Keep in mind, lawyers and attorneys have the ability to still charge or request payment from you regardless if you win or lose your disability claim case. Always be sure to read all documents in full and be aware of what you are agreeing on as a disability applicant with your legal representatives.