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Health Care Providers to Treat Patients Across State Lines with VA Telehealth Program

A new federal ruling will allow VA health-care providers to treat veterans throughout the United States using telehealth.

While the program was implemented for the purposes of providing care for veterans across the nation through remote access, the practical limitations of this were unknown. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) reported that, “previously, it was unclear whether VA providers could furnish care to Veterans in other states through telehealth because of licensing restrictions or state-specific telehealth laws.”

The VA collaborated with the Department of Justice and the White House Office of American Innovation to establish legality. With the new federal rule in play, these state restrictions will be overruled; allowing VA providers to treat across state lines.

“This new rule is critical to VA’s ‘Anywhere to Anywhere’ initiative,” said VA Acting Secretary Robert Wilkie. “Now that the rule has been finalized, VA providers and patients can start enjoying the full benefits of VA’s telehealth services.”

Telehealth will be extremely beneficial for veterans located in rural areas whom have little access to healthcare providers and facilities. Furthermore, this virtual service is expected to be highly efficient at providing quick and easy care for all veterans. Immediate care is often vital for mental health crises and suicide prevention.

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