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how do you qualify medically

How Do You Qualify Medically for Social Security Disability or SSI?

With SSDI and SSI, there are rules and steps put into place that qualify and unqualify people for benefits with the system the SSA uses. Some things used are income limits, amount of hours worked/work credits and the severity of a disability. 

The Disability Determination Services or DDS evaluates to see if you are able to do any past work and to see if your disability fits on the impairment listing for benefits. 

That said, there is the “blue book” which has the criteria necessary for the impairment listings you may suffer from. The book does not include every impairment, so do not worry if you do not see yours within the “blue book”.

For SSI, your income limit is mainly what determines whether you receiving benefits or not. For 2020, the monthly income limit is $783 ($1,175 with a spouse). To qualify for SSI, the monthly income you receive can not go above or exceed the Federal Benefit Rate. That said, medically qualifying for SSI can be determined by using the “blue book” as disabled people are also entitled to SSI not just SSDI.

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