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How to Qualify For SSDI After VA Benefits

We understand that many American veterans are heavily reliant on VA benefits to help them through monthly compensation. Often, this is not enough to depend on as a veteran and your medical condition may need more assistance to help you in your daily activities. The best way to help yourself is by applying for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits to act as another level of assistance. Here we will break down how to qualify for SSDI benefits after already receiving your VA benefits.

To first start it off, the requirements that apply to VA and SSDI benefits are not exactly the same. For the benefits offered through the VA, they use a % system. This is where you’re given a percentage on “how disabling” your condition is. You do not have to be fully disabled to be receiving VA benefits.

For Social Security Disability, this is where you have to be “completely disabled”. If your rating is above 70%, you will have a much better chance at being awarded this compensation. The Social Security Administration also used a guideline known as the “Blue Book”. This is a listing of all the medical conditions which would qualify you for SSDI and a monthly compensation. 

For those with a 100% rating through the VA, your disability claim will then be expedited from the SSA for your SSDI claim. You can then begin your claims process by applying online through the SSA’s website or calling 1-800-772-1213. The most crucial thing to remember is having as much paperwork and medical documentation you can provide. The more evidence you have to help support your claim, the more likely you are to have a successful result.

If you are to qualify, the amount in SSDI benefits you will be receiving is based off of your work credits you have accumulated over the years.Work credits are limited to earning up to 4 per year in 2021 and up to $1,470 earned will get you a single work credit. Another important thing to remember is that the number of work credits required depends on  your age. 

Beside work credits, you still will need to have developed an injury or illness that is preventing you from working to be eligible for Social Security Disability. Documentation will be needed from prior doctor visits so be ready to provide the correct material needed. Lastly, do not go through the struggle alone of applying for SSD, use an attorney to effectively apply in a timely manner.

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