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company response to corona virus outbreak

Large Scale Companies Response To The COVID-19 pandemic

Throughout this entire pandemic, major companies have been strategizing on what the appropriate actions are with trying to slow the spread of this virus. Some of the largest named companies have made their decisions known to the public and some are very eye opening. 

Companies like Amazon have decided on hiring an additional 100,000 delivery and warehouse workers to fulfill the abundance of online orders that have been occurring since this outbreak. As we know there are millions of people searching for necessities such as water, food, toilet paper and medicines that they will need in this time of quarantine. They have also announced that these delivery/warehouse workers will be receiving a $2 hourly raise. 

Other companies such as Under Armour and Nike have either shut down all their stores in North America or have temporarily closed them for the majority of the month of March, this could be subject to change. Disney has also stated that they have stopped all live action film production to protect their cast and crew from any possible exposure to the virus.

Walmart has also issued a statement for their workers who are instructed to quarantine will receive two weeks salary to cover their time off. As well, motor companies such as Ford have instructed those of their company who are able to work from home should do so as requested.

For more information visit: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/13/workforce-wire-coronavirus-heres-what-every-major-company-is-doing-about-the-pandemic.html