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Month of the Military Child

April is the “Month of the Military Child”. This awareness month was created in 1986 to highlight the important role that children play in the military community.

There are approximately 2 million military children who have experienced a parental deployment since 2001. Much like their parents, these children have had to make several sacrifices. Statistics show that military families move three times more than civilian families. This equates to one move every two to three years. The children must adjust to a new home, community, school, and social life. This can, and often does, take a toll on their mental health. In fact, a study sites that one-third of school aged military children display psychosocial behaviors such as being anxious, worrying often, and crying more frequently.

Despite these hardships, military children are resilient. Rosemary Freitas Williams, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Military Community and Family Policy, shared, “Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of knowing many military children. Though each of these children are unique, they all have one thing in common — their inner compass always seeks resilience. No matter their age or situation, these children learn to adapt as they face numerous moves and deployments.”

Proper support for these children and their families can be life changing. Listed below are several excellent resources that one can utilize to make this difference.

The U.S. Department of Defense Education Activity will be celebrating these individuals with the “Purple Up! For Military Kids” campaign. On April 21st, wear purple to show your support and thank the children for their strength.

Military Child and Family Resources:

Article Source: The Psychosocial Effects of Deployment on Military Children

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