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Next Round of Stimulus Checks

With the first round of stimulus checks that had been administered, a vast majority of people are wondering if there is ever going to be a second round. These stimulus checks had been released during the beginning of the year during the month of March. It was a total of $1,200 that was available to those who are receiving Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. That being said, certain recipients may be eligible to receive another round of stimulus support. Let’s break this down!

This past Monday, Congress had examined and passed another stage of direct payments for many Americans. This new round of stimulus checks are to be much less than what was distributed prior during the first round. Depending on your income and your relationship status, if you are married or not will determine how much you can receive.

For those receiving $600 direct payments, it is because their income was up to $75,000. Couples and those in a relationship will be receiving 2x that amount ($1,200) if they earned $150,000 for their combined annual income. The way your earnings have been tracked or monitored is set around your adjusted gross income. This is found through your tax filings of the year prior.

For those concerned as to when these payments will be received, Congress has stated that recipients should be expecting these stimulus checks “very soon”, and as soon as the beginning of next week.

In comparison to the first round, these checks will be delivered drastically faster. The first checks were dispersed over weeks at a time and many were concerned if they were ever going to receive help.

Payments will also work in the same fashion as the first round of checks. If you were to have received your check via direct payment or through a physical check in the mail, expect it to be the same exact method.

For those wondering if you qualify, being a valid citizen and having a social security number will allow you to be eligible. These stimulus check payments are also not taxable as well, so there is nothing to worry about on that end.