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Nexus Letters

When it comes to the VA and VA benefits, it is very necessary and important to understand how and what a Nexus Letter can do for you. To start off, if you are to apply for VA benefits you will need to have a nexus letter to be approved. A nexus letter is a document of proof or evidence that can connect your disability to your military time of service. 

Whenever you decide to apply for these benefits you will be required to receive a C&P examination. “C&P” stands for “Compensation and Pension”.  This is where a medical professional will help to verify that your disability was due to your time serving in the military. By providing a nexus letter, this allows you to have a doctor’s opinion, support your claim and help win your disability benefits that you are fighting for.

 If you are curious as to which doctor you should visit, do not worry! A simple way about choosing your doctor to use could be your current doctor. This way they have a great understanding of your current situation and are knowledgeable about your past visits. Visiting a VA doctor can become more time consuming, especially if they do not have prior paperwork or documentation. 

Some may ask “Can VA doctors even provide me a nexus letter?”, and the answer to that is yes, but there’s a catch. Since you are applying for these VA disability benefits, these VA doctors may not fully commit to proving your necessity of these benefits. The best way to pick and choose a medical professional is either pick your current doctor, or use a disability law firm that can hire one for you. Law firms are able to connect with the best medical professionals in the field that have years of experience with nexus letters, giving you the best chance at an approval. Please remember that the requirement is only one nexus letter. 

You are however allowed to request and provide more than one nexus letter. In some cases having more than one can help prove and increase your chances at approval. The more evidence and proof you can provide, the more legitimate your case will be. 

For those wondering what should be included within your nexus letter, here is what you should look for. Nexus letters will have the doctors final judgement on your disability, the doctors proof reviewing your entire case and all medical files, reasoning on why the final judgement was made for their claim, and cover “at least as likely as not”. This phrase may be confusing at first but we will break this down. This means that there is at least a 50% chance that this disability is proven to be connected to this veterans time in service.  The veterans claim will be successful and those benefits will be granted to them.