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Senate Passes Bill to Expand Private Health Care Access For Veterans

The senate passed a multibillion-dollar proposal to expand veteran’s health care options.

The legislation passed 92 to 5 on Wednesday and now moves to President Trump, who has said that he will sign immediately.

While the VA health care system has made a significant impact in the lives of millions of veterans, there has been criticism regarding long wait times. In addition, some veterans feel that the level of care they receive from the VA does not meet personal standards.

This bill will give veterans greater freedom to receive care from private physicians.

Several major veteran’s groups have supported this legislation, including the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Member Carlos Fuentes stated, “It strikes that balance between improving internal care and relying on the community when necessary. We truly believe the VA delivers great care, but the VA can’t be everything to everyone.”

Critics have argued that this funding is a major step towards privatization. It is feared that the VA will bleed resources as a result.  CNN reported that a letter from a federal union (in opposition of the legislation) stated the bill, “assures that once care and services leave the VA they will not return.”

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