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ssdi payments

Social Security Disability Payments

With SSDI payments, there are many qualifications that are necessary to be met in order to receive monthly benefits from such a program. Important things to consider are when and what age you have become disabled as well as the severity of your disability in which you are claiming. 

The Social Security Administration uses other techniques as well to decide on whether you are eligible or not. Some of those are being under the SGA income limit which for 2020 is $1,260 for non-blind applicants while for blind applicants it sits at $2,110. Another is work credits, which are obtained from working which changes yearly. The amount required varies as it is dependent on your age when you have become disabled.

Being disabled for 5 months after your disability onset date will allow your Social Security Disability Payments to begin and once the 6th month has begun, you will receive your monthly benefits.

Once you are to reach retirement age and you are still receiving SSDI benefits, these will then transition into your retirement benefits.