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Social Security Doctors & Examinations

When you first apply for a Social Security Disability claim, your claim is looked over by numerous professionals to determine whether or not you will be eligible or approved for the monthly compensation the program has to offer. Oftentimes, it is asked that you as the applicant will attend a medical examination for a disability doctor to examine your current condition a bit more and be able to identify just how severe your condition has become.

The way these examinations operate goes as such. The Social Security Administration will contact you in order for you to schedule an appointment with a medical examiner. The reason so is because if your claim is missing or does not have enough evidence to help support your claim, an examination will provide enough to make a decision as to whether or not your disability classifies you for these benefits. The more evidence and supporting documentation for your claim, the better. 

The medical examiner who will be conducting your appointment will be the exact one that originally was treating your condition from the beginning.  The reason so is because this doctor will know your condition from the very beginning, how it has progressed and will have the best judgement on your condition and will include any critical pieces of information which can help your claim. 

However, meeting with your original doctor can be difficult for various reasons such as moving or being away from home for whatever reason. If this is your case, you will be required to work with an independent examiner. This person will obviously be one that has never met with you and can give an unbiased statement on your disability.

Your disability examination will consist of found evidence that supports the disability examiners decision on your disability. All questions that may be presented will have to be answered and supported from the medical evidence from during the examination. During the examination, the best thing for you to do is go into it completely honest and describe your condition in as much detail as possible without exaggerating your disability. Lying or making up false statements about your disability will only harm you and is not recommended at all. Be honest and do not leave out any details you think will best describe your condition.