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Social Security Payment Boosts

It’s no secret how confusing and stressful dealing with Social Security benefits can be. Whether it is learning the basic or complicated aspects of the program, being as knowledgeable on any part of it is beneficial. With the more knowledge you have on how the program operates, the better you will be off to help amplify the amount your monthly benefit checks will be. We will break down a few basic tips to know and these will be very helpful as you set up your retirement properly.

The first tip or tactic you can use is to try and make as much or as much money as you possibly can, that is working for longer or somehow receiving a pay raise. One of the most important aspects of Social Security to understand is that 35 years of your working experience with the highest pay or highest income are accounted for to calculate your benefits each month. If you take this into consideration and look at the differentiation of your incomes throughout the beginning and end of your working years, delaying your benefits claim could be the right move if you want a higher monthly benefits payment.

 If there is no variation in your payments, then filing your claim would not have as big of an effect at the current moment. Being able to delay or set up your benefits with as many years of work experience and income is what you need to take into consideration when applying. Remember, your retirement years are incredibly important to set up properly, so take your time to make sure you are filing when you are 100% ready to do so.

When you are fully confident in your ability to claim Social Security, one of the main things to  reconsider that we have covered many times is that you truly are working till your full retirement age also known as your FRA. By doing so, you will help to receive the appropriate monthly payments you should be receiving. If you cut it short, your monthly benefits will be reduced significantly so keep this in mind! Also be mindful of your family. Including them can help with additional benefits if you are to have a child under the age of 19 for example. 

For 2021, if you have not yet reached your full retirement age (FRA), $18,960 is the threshold or income limit in which you can not surpass. If you are to go over this limit, unfortunately your benefits will be receiving a cut. On the bright side, for 2021 the limit for each year has been set to $50,520 for those who will be reaching their full retirement age. This is a 166% increase in comparison to those who are not reaching their FRA.

Lastly, not receiving your benefits while working is a crucial aspect for those wishing to receive full benefit payments especially if they have not reached their FRA. If you choose to do so, your benefits will be cut down if you are to be earning more than limit for yearly income.