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ssdi & ssi comparison


Depending on whichever benefits program you are working with, the payout and the amounts can differ drastically. Both benefit programs work in similar and different ways and both have unique requirements that are very crucial to pay attention to. Both of these programs are under the Social Security Administration and are targeted and intended to help two different kinds of beneficiaries. 

Social Security Disability Insurance is a program aimed toward those who are either mentally and or physically incapable of working or are very limited. Supplemental Security Income is another program that helps those who have barely any or no income and are in need of serious assistance. Usually those who are alot older or have some disability file for this type of supplemental program.

There are probably many of you out there wondering, “what even is the difference between these programs”. Well, here are just a few things. Firstly, the amount that you would be paid in monthly benefits for Social Security Disability drastically differs from person to person. It is dependent on things such as your lifetime earnings, how many years you worked, your income during those years, your disability and your disability rating. 

Depending on how much this varies from person to person, the amount awarded on a monthly basis to each recipient can change quite a lot. For a program like Supplemental Security Income, the amount that is received in benefits is consistent from person to person. The only difference in payment amounts is if you are single or in a relationship. They use the terms “individual” or “couple” to declare from one another. 

Another commonly asked question is if it is even possible to receive both benefit programs at the same time. The answer to this is yes! Even though it is not so likely to happen, it is still possible considering you meet all requirements for both programs. If you are to try and apply for both, this is what we call a “concurrent claim”. Also, depending on your current income and assets, the SSA will help you in determining if your claim can be for both programs.

The current average SSDI payment for the year 2020 sits around $1,258. There is also a cap that is set in place that is $3,011. Remember that for your payment to be calculated, there are many things the SSA uses to do so. Your earnings throughout your life are taken into consideration as well and there are not many things left that you can do to increase your chances of approval after you have applied. 

Looking to increase your VA rating is one of the only options. 

Your VA rating is your % that is given that rates your symptoms you experience after a service connected disability. This can sometimes be raised depending on if your condition has worsened and will help expedite your claims process as well.