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ssdi/stimulus check

SSDI & Stimulus Checks

The next round of stimulus checks had just been approved and by the looks of it, have already begun being dispersed to eligible recipients. As stated prior one of the biggest changes put into effect for the second round of payment is that they are set at $600, rather than the $1,200 during the first round of stimulus. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone in some manner and receiving any possible help is critical to take advantage of.

For those who are reliant on SSDI and SSI, you do in fact qualify for this round of stimulus. Payments have already begun being dispersed and will continue over the following weeks. If you feel as if your payment is taking too long to be received or have a feeling it is not coming even though you are eligible, it could be a result of missing information that is required by the IRS. With this in mind, please contact them and provide the remaining information. If not, there will be a due date provided which would disqualify your payment if you fail to do so by that provided date. 

For those receiving SSDI/SSI % received the first round of stimulus, your second payment once dispersed will be provided to you in the same manner as the first round. This can be either through a direct deposit with your banking account provided or through a physical check that will arrive in the mail to your address. 

If for some reason you may still be missing your benefit payment, once you file your federal tax returns, you should then be able to receive said missing benefit payment. You can also always check the current status of your payment online. We strongly suggest this as some recipients are not up to date with their benefit payments and fail to receive them because of this. 

In comparison to the first round, these checks will be delivered drastically faster. The first checks were dispersed over weeks at a time and many were concerned if they were ever going to receive help.For those wondering if you qualify, being a valid citizen and having a social security number will allow you to be eligible. These stimulus check payments are also not taxable as well, so there is nothing to worry about on that end.