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Statement by Acting VA Secretary Robert Wilkie – VA Clinic Conditions

The Acting VA Secretary Robert Wilkie made a statement regarding this tweet by Stephen Wilson about the conditions at the VA clinic in Salt Lake City. As expected, the photos sparked outrage:

Press Release by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Statement by Acting VA Secretary Robert Wilkie

Published May 1, 2018, 01:30:00 PM –

Chris Wilson’s interview this morning on Fox and Friends had a very important message.

The condition of the room Chris was treated in at the VA in Salt Lake City was simply unacceptable, and our team there and across all of VA is doubling down to ensure that exam rooms and other treatment areas meet VA’s strong standards.

Chris also told viewers that his routine six-month follow-up appointment could not be scheduled until February of next year. That’s also unacceptable, and I am directing facility leaders to work with Chris to provide a timely six-month visit as needed.

Chris’s comments in support of health care choices outside of VA serve as an important reminder how critical community care is for our nation’s Veterans, particularly in rural areas common in states like Utah and Montana.

Chris is absolutely right, and as I mentioned last week, with funding for VA’s Choice program set to run out soon, America’s Veterans need Congress to come together now to support this crucial program and pass legislation before Memorial Day that will make it permanent.

Veterans like Chris Wilson deserve no less.