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stimulus payments with ssdi

Stimulus Checks With SSDI

With the first round of stimulus checks that had been administered, a vast majority of people are wondering if there is ever going to be a second round. These stimulus checks had been released during the beginning of the year during the month of March. It was a total of $1,200 that was available to those who are receiving Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. That being said, certain recipients may be eligible to receive another round of stimulus support. Let’s break this down!

On March 27th of 2020, the CARES act was introduced to help combat the economic struggle that was going to happen with the COVID-19 outbreak. Certain requirements had been set into place for those who receive Social Security Disability Insurance to be able to also receive these stimulus checks. As of now, it seems to be clear that most people who qualified for the first time around, will most likely be eligible for the second wave. There could be changes or alterations made in the near future, but it still seems that most will be eligible again.

Depending on how you received your first stimulus check, it seems to be the same for the second so far. This can be either through deposit into your bank account or through the mail in a physical check. For those that have still not received their first stimulus check but were eligible, it is most likely that you did not provide all the necessary information that had been needed. To do so, make sure you talk with the IRS about this and provide the remaining information needed to have your payment dispersed to you. This is due no later than the 15th of October, 2020. So act fast!

For those reading who are curious as to why they haven’t received extra money for their dependents, here is what you can do to help. If you are to utilize the non-filers tool provided by the IRS, you have until September 30th to provide the required information to then receive $500 per dependent. Some of the criteria needed are 

  • Dependents name
  • Relationship between dependent and spouse
  • Social Security #

If you are just now utilizing the non-filers tool, you should expect your dependent payment to arrive towards the end of 2020. If you had done so between May 5th-August 15th, expect your payment to arrive sometime next month. Also so there is no confusion, your dependent payment should arrive the exact same way your initial stimulus payment arrive if you had received it in either a physical manner or through your bank account.