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Tips For Quick Disability Claims

Whether you may be filing a claim for a program such as SSDI, there are many things within the process that can seem to slow down or make it a very long and time consuming manner. There are many requirements and rules to follow in order to be successful and claim the benefits you are deserving of. The Social Security Administration clearly lays out what is important to have prepared for a disability claim, yet many claimants seem to be confused on what they actually should be gathering for their disability claim and the evidence they would want to provide. That being said, here we will break down what to do and how to make your  disability claim become faster.

First off, I would always recommend going in prepared with a disability representative such as a SSDI attorney. Having one will drastically increase the speed of your disability claim time and will also simplify the process for you as well. These attorneys help acquire all necessary paperwork and documentation you will need to have and they help guide you through the entire process. These attorneys also do not get paid unless you have a successful claim, so if money is your concern with hiring one, do not worry.

Next, include everything. By this we mean that all documentation, medical papers, pictures, dates, location of treatments and anything else should be gathered and taken into your claim. By having everything already prepared and given when you first start your disability claim, you won’t have to go back later on in the process to deliver more evidence or documentation to try and strengthen your case that can just lengthen the time your claim is taking. 

Especially when working with a disability attorney or representative, they are going to want as much material to work with so that they can deliver the best case for you when your claim is being taken into consideration for compensation. You do not want to be slow or delayed when working with your attorney and have them always waiting on you.

Next is time management and staying on top of your disability case. One of the most important things to keep in mind is to always be conscious and stay focused on your case. Consistently follow up and be asking questions about your claim and do not let it slip away from your attention. By “peppering” and annoying disability examiners about the current situation of your case, it helps to express the concern you have on your claim and this can sometimes help expedite how quickly they work on yours. Also being attentive to your claim is important just in case any “hiccups” occur and you need to respond in a timely manner. Following these simple steps can help quicken the process of your disability claim and we encourage all disability claimants to follow these easy steps when considering to file their disability claim.