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Tips To Prepare For Your C&P Exam – VA Benefits

Call To Confirm Your Exam Appointment

Call the location of your appointment a few weeks before the appointment to verify that they have the proper appointment time listed on your file. Missing your claim exam could result in the VA delaying your decision.  The VA may also rate your claim “as-is”.  This means they would use the information provided on your file as opposed to using the data acquired from your C& P exam.

Need To Reschedule Your Exam?

Contact your local VA IMMEDIATELY if you need to reschedule your exam.  You will want to ensure that you are able to get in for the exam prior to submitting your VA benefits claim.

Verify That The VA Has Your Updated Contact Information

Make sure you call your local VA office and regional VA medical center and verify that your contact information on-file is correct.  If you don’t update your information, you could miss pertinent information that is being sent from the VA. 

Submit Medical Evidence With Application Prior To Exam

Medical Examiners are unable to submit new information during your medical exam.  Be sure to list all of your health conditions prior to the exam.  This will give the examiner a more-detailed view of your current health status

You May Have More Than One Claim Exam

Claimants with multiple conditions may have more than one C&P exam.  The VA usually tries to schedule your exams on the same day [if availability allows] to reduce the time that you spend at the VA

Show Up Early For Your Exam

Some VA hospitals are in larger buildings.  You want to ensure that you are in the office a few minutes early for your exam.  If you are late for your exam, the C&P examiner may not see you.  Be sure to arrive a few minutes early!

Be Truthful During Your Exam

Do not lie about or exaggerate your injuries, but don’t downplay them either.  The examiner is looking to correlate the conditions that you claimed on the application.  This will help get you the most accurate rating possible.

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