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Typical Veteran Disabilities

Typical Veteran Disabilities

For veterans that come back from their time during military service, a lot of them suffer from disabilities and conditions that were caused directly from their military experience. These military personnel had been exposed to many dangerous and threatening situations that could have harmed them in either a physical or mental manner. That being said, there are a few main and typical conditions that most veterans suffer from and that are commonly diagnosed among most military veterans. Here we will be going over all the common and typical medical conditions that these veterans are dealing with after their return from service. 

One of the most common and known about conditions is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This disorder, also known as PTSD comes from when a person goes through or experiences a traumatic experience and has a difficulty in trying to recover from this event. This is a popular condition for veterans leaving the military as they have experienced many intense and traumatic things during their time in service. This also does not mean they have to be claiming their PTSD is from combat related events. They can claim their PTSD is stemming from a non-combat related event during their service as long as it qualifies them according to the claim rules.

Another common condition that veterans may face is a hearing impairment named “Tinnitus”.  Tinnitus is a condition in which someone who is suffering from it will experience some type of sound similar to a “ringing” in their ears. It is estimated to affect about 20% of people and is a very commonly heard about disability for veterans. Similar to this condition in a way, migraines are another typical condition in which veterans can experience and have a difficult time with. This is a condition that can be complex and can give you “secondary service connection” as well. That means that if your migraine was a direct result from a different injury that was service connected, it would count as such. For an example, an injury or disability such as tinnitus that could cause a veteran to suffer from severe migraines as well, could count. 

Another common and often confused disability is known as “bilateral hearing loss”. This is an impairment that decreases a person’s ability to hear in both ears. This is so common as most veterans and military personnel are exposed to loud noises that are the main cause of this condition. One of the most important things to note with this condition is that if you are to be diagnosed by a doctor stating that you suffer from this impairment, unfortunately that is not enough according to the Veterans Affairs.

Providing evidence of it being directly service connected is what you need. Active combat is not needed for this condition as most believe those are the only ones that could suffer from this condition. For those in the military that work in specific areas such as moving equipment and dealing with vehicles all day could acquire bilateral hearing loss, not just those fighting. There are many common and typical disabilities that veterans face and deal with everyday. These are the most common that are diagnosed and where the most research can be found in.