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VA $243 Billion Request In 2021 Helps Improve Veterans Care.

Just recently, the United States Department of Veteran Affairs created a massive proposal. It consisted of a $243,300,000,000 budget for the improvement of veterans benefits and care. This budget request by the VA is a great step in the right direction for improving health care services for our nation’s veterans.

The increase was requested for the fiscal year of 2021 and $133,800,000,000 of that will be purposed for funding insurance, readjustment benefits, housing, benefit programs and more. The remaining $109,500,000,000 will be funding things such as cemeteries and health care.

Currently, the MISSION act is in play and has been in effect since June 6th of 2019. This act was implemented in a way where veterans have the decisions to choose and decide in which ways their health care needs can be met. Over 5,000 veterans are currently accessing the new benefit options offered through the MISSION act.

Veteran suicide prevention will be receiving a $76 million increase for mental health services. Along with that, women’s health services will also be receiving an increase of $53 million to help with gynecology and primary care services. Electronic Health Record Modernization will receive a $1.2 billion increase and Transforming Business Systems will have $221 million for the deployment of “integrated financial and acquisition management system”.

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To read more about the remaining improvements to veteran care funding with this budget request, visit https://www.va.gov/opa/pressrel/pressrelease.cfm?id=5393