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va benefit myths

VA Benefit Myths

There are many myths, misbeliefs, and misconceptions that are told overtime about the Veterans Affairs. However, some of these statements are correct while the majority are lies that are spread from one to another. Today, we will be going over these common myths that are told and debunking which of these are true and which are false.

If I served in the military during a period of no active war, I am not considered a military veteran.

  • This is false! If you serve in the military for any time period you are most likely going to be eligible for most of the Veterans Affairs benefits. That said, there may be certain benefits you will not qualify for as some may require you to serve during a war period. Overall, you still will classify as a military veteran.

The VA is full of pending claims, my claim will never be attended to.

  • The VA does receive many claims everyday and it does take some time to hear back. Just because it takes time does not mean you shouldn’t file a claim, just make sure yours is completely accurate so you do not have to file again and increase your time length.

I left active duty many years ago, so there is no point in filing a claim anymore.

  • Many veterans believe this is how it works but they are wrong! You can file a claim whenever you decide to. Obviously, there are still certain conditions that need to be met but you can literally file a claim whenever the time is right for you!

My time is the military is not long enough to qualify for any VA benefits

  • The length of your military time is not a requirement. You just can not be dishonorably discharged and you have to have evidence of exposure to asbestos which resulted in you developing a disease. 

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