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VA Disability Claims Mistakes To Avoid

When it comes to filing a disability claim, there are times where it can seem very confusing or scary. There are common mistakes people make when filing that are easily avoidable as well as certain tools they should be using to help speed up the process in the correct manner. To start off, one of the biggest and most common mistakes is not choosing to file your disability claim immediately after you have become disabled. 

You need to file as soon as possible as if you delay filing a claim, you’re delaying your chance to receive any disability benefits. Everything in the process has a time limit. Another important mistake to avoid is thinking that your age will not allow you to receive these benefits.

 If your condition also comes back with a low rating such as 10%, there is a possibility that it worsens and your rating can increase in the future giving you higher monthly payments, depending on what if your rating increases or not. 

That being said, remember to always list every symptom you may be feeling as this is most important for the decision of what your rating is going to be calculated to. Never leave any symptoms you may be feeling out, even if they are minor. Lastly, always appeal your denied claim. Majority of the time it will take you more than one try to receive the benefits you deserve. Just remember everything has a deadline so make sure you appeal your denied claim in a timely manner!

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