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VA Housing Grants

For those still serving or have retired from military service, the VA is a great place to obtain housing grants. The Veterans Affairs offers two types of housing grants for those military members that are either still active or have retired. These two programs have very similar names but are actually quite different. The two programs that the Veterans Affairs offers are the SHA & SAH programs. The SHA stands for “Special Housing Adaptation” and SAH stands for “ Specially Adapted Housing”

One of the most important things to remember is that these Housing grants do not operate the same way as VA home loans and they also do not allow anyone to qualify that is disabled. There are certain criteria that are necessary to be met in order to be eligible for a grant such as these two programs. For SHA, the maximum grant size you can receive in the year 2020 is $18,074. These grants can be used in a few ways.

These include using the grant to build a new home, use the grant to help pay the mortgage or even help update or renovate a home. To qualify for such a program, injuries such as blindness, severe burns, loss of limbs and or the ability to use legs or arms will qualify you for having a service connected disability. 

This listing of impairments also is the same for the SAH housing grant. The SAH grant requires that you will or currently do own a home too. This grant offers up to $90,364 for the year 2020. An important note about these grants is that they do not need to be used within the year you receive the grant. The grant can be spread out through a number of years if you choose to and feel it would be better to update and modify your home not all at once.

 For those wondering if they live at someone else’s house and are curious on how the grant would work, do not worry you can still receive a grant. The whole point of this grant is to modify and structure a home to meet your needs with your service connected disability. If your temporary home you are living at does not do so, this grant will allow you to make those changes to fit your needs. This grant is called the “Temporary Residence Adaptation”.

If you believe you could qualify for a grant such as one of these, apply right away and do not waste any time! Building and improving your home to meet your needs is very important, even if it’s just a new railing or a ramp to help go up a level. For more information or questions, please visit the Veterans Affairs website.