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Veteran Disability Exams – ONLINE

Dealing with veteran disability exams can be very stressful and intimidating. We understand how important these exams are to veterans who are striving to obtain the benefits they are so deserving of. There are many things to prepare and remember prior to your examination visit that will be helpful to your success. With the current COVID-19 Pandemic the entire globe has been dealing with,  the VA has altered its operations to help those be able to have online examinations. The most important thing to remember is to make sure you appear at your appointment. Here we will cover it all and explain how these examinations operate and what to expect.

The way that these online veteran disability examinations work is through the use of VA Connect. The veteran will have to use VA connect through a desktop or mobile device and there are no necessary downloads involved to arrive at the appointment. It is simply set up through a link that will be provided for you via email. After using the provided link you will have arrived at your appointment correctly and on time.

You will need to make sure your camera and audio are both active for obvious reasons as you will need to communicate with your provider. The growth of this tool for online appointments has been very successful and many veterans claim that the experience is very smooth and a lot easier for their schedules.

When it comes to tips & advice, the first is to always be on time and do not miss your appointment. These appointments are put together and funded by the SSA and having to reschedule will take time and further delay your entire claim. Since you will most likely not have to worry about arriving somewhere since in person examinations have just recently started at a very small rate, make sure that you complete your online examination properly and you cooperate with your provider. If there is some reason that you must miss the examination and have no choice, make sure that you inform them about this so that they know as soon as possible and can help figure out a resolution.

Being a liar and or over dramatic during your exam is another key thing to avoid! Never go into your medical examination and tell the doctor lies about your condition or be claiming that certain injuries are way worse than they actually are. Be honest, and tell them exactly what the injuries are and how severe they feel to you. Lying will not give you an advantage. Remember that these doctors are giving their unbiased opinion on your health and can tell if you’re making up false claims about your injuries. 

If you want to schedule or cancel an online disability exam, you may do so through the Veterans Affairs website.