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Veterans & College Benefits

There are many benefits available to veterans out there that may not be known of. For example there are programs that help the veterans with everything from tuition, scheduling, online training, scholarships and more.

Through the GI Bill, these veterans are given the tools to expand their opportunities through college and university educations. We will be covering some of these benefits available and which ones veterans may be missing out on or not aware of! 

To start off, veterans who may be concerned about how to fund college tuition should have no worries, the GI bill takes care of it fully. (for public colleges) There are also college locations specified for military veterans to accommodate them better and adjust to the college campus life as well as veteran events that are available too. 

For any veterans that may have questions, the best thing to do is contact the university or college, such as the admissions office and ask for what benefits that are available to you and what is all the information they can give to you. 

There is typically a Veterans center on a college campus which is also a great resource to look out for. One great advantage is “Military Friendly Registration” where those who are veterans or currently active gain access first to classes before others can since they can only take courses required for their chosen profession. 

One thing to keep a close eye on is a school’s credit transfer policy. This can be a red flag for some people looking at potential schools so pay close attention and always research or contact a college or university for more information! These are just a few of the many resources available to military active personnel or veterans.