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Veterans Day 2023: A Guide to Federal Office Closings, Discounts for Vets, and Veterans Day Events in All 50 States

Veterans Day 2023: A Guide to Federal Office Closings, Discounts for Vets, and Veterans Day Events in All 50 States

Saturday, the 11th, marks Veterans Day. This federal holiday is a time for American citizens to honor those who have served. 

When Veterans Day falls on a weekday, you can expect certain businesses and government offices to be closed in observance. However, since the 11th falls on a Saturday this year, things are a bit different.

What Is Closed and What is Open for Veterans Day 2023:

Government Offices: Most government offices will be closed on Friday, November 10th in observance of Veterans Day. Essential services, like fire departments and police stations, will remain open. 

Banks: A majority of banks will be closed on Veterans Day. This is because most banks fall under the Federal Reserve, a government agency that will be closed on November 11th in observance of the holiday. Online banking will be in operation, although access to a live representative may be limited. ATMs will remain accessible. 

FedEx and UPS: On the UPS website, they state that all stores will be open on Veterans Day. However, they are warning customers that shipping may take longer because of the holiday. FedEx will also be open this Saturday, per their website

Post Offices: The U.S. Postal Service will pause their services on Veterans Day. In observance of the holiday, Post Offices across the country will be closed. Additionally, packages and mail will not be delivered.

Businesses: It is recommended that you check the business hours for any store or restaurant you plan on visiting this Saturday. While many businesses are expected to remain open, and offer deals to Vets,  hours of operation may vary because of the federal holiday. 

Veterans Day 2023 Restaurant Deals and Discounts
Veterans Day 2023 Retail Deals and Discounts
Businesses and Organizations that are donating a portion of their sales to Veteran causes November 2023 

Schools: Some, but not all, public schools will close this Friday in observance of Veterans Day. Check with your local district to find if schools near you are holding classes.

Looking to get together with your community to honor our Vets? Visit the link below to find events near you!

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