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When will my Social Security Disability benefits stop?

There are many things that are required for someone to be granted SSDI benefits. That said, there are also many things that can offset someone’s eligibility for benefits which will revoke their benefits immediately from them. The 4 main things we are going to discuss are

  • Working again
  • Exceeding Asset limits
  • No longer being labeled as “disabled”
  • Retirement age

Working again:

Going back to work while getting SSDI benefits is a very risky decision. This move can easily disqualify you from receiving benefits as the SSA will see you as not disabled anymore and not in need of disability benefits. Something to keep in mind is that disability benefits are intended for those who are very limited and who can not work at all, being able to work at full capability will obviously end in your benefits being revoked from you and especially if you are able to replicate your old job tasks.. If you are working and making more than the SGA limit for 2020 which is $1,260 you will no longer be receiving benefits

Exceeding Asset Limits:

For Social Security Disability Insurance there are no asset limits but for SSI there is. If you have more than $2,000 in assets you will not be eligible for SSI

No longer being labeled as “disabled”

To be considered as “disabled” by the Social Security Administration you must have a condition that is listed in the SSA’s blue book of impairments, have a condition that lasts at least 12 months and not be able to do your previous work anymore due to the impairment you currently have.

Retirement Age

Once a person reaches retirement age and is also receiving social security disability benefits, they typically will not be able to receive both retirement and disability benefits simultaneously. However, receiving SSI benefits and not SSDI benefits and then hitting retirement age is a different story.

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