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COVID-19 & SSDI Cases

With the current pandemic and COVID-19 situation, you may be curious as to how your Social Security Disability Case is being handled. The Social Security Administration has actually made large changes to its rules and policies for those who are dealing with their disability claims. The SSA had decided to close their offices to the public and focus on the “pressing” cases. 

This means that the Social Security Administration will be working on the cases that need major attention for those with the worst conditions who are in the most need of help first. All disability claims are important, but as of now they will be tending to the cases that seek the most attention and care.

If you were to have a disability hearing scheduled to be in person, that is no longer an option. The Social Security Administration has remodeled all hearings to occur over the phone to avoid any in person contact. You should be contacted asking for a time to schedule an electronic hearing. 

For those that are seeking to get in touch with the Social Security Administration, the best way to go about this is to find your nearest or local SSA office and begin there. With the new rules and policies set in place, using your local office is the best way to get your questions answered or receive the help that you will be needing. 

Payments and how they will continue is another large topic that is often asked about. Luckily, no matter how or what method of payment you are receiving for your benefits, they will continue as normal and you have nothing to worry about. There has also been changes that have been added to help with the timing for claim actions. 

For example, the time allowed to file an appeal has been drastically increased allowing for those to have a large window to take whatever action they want to. With that in mind, remember that you should not show up to the nearest local SSA office to you. They want to remind everyone that due to COVID-19, no visiting will be tolerated. For any more questions or concerns you may have, you should call or contact your local SSA office for help.