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How Long Do Veteran Disability Claims Take

When it comes to being granted Veterans Disability Benefits, one of the biggest questions is “How long will it take?” or “Is there anything I can do to speed up the process?”. One thing to take in mind is that over the years, the time it takes to receive a notice of your results has lowered drastically. That said, when and where you file from is a big factor into how long your process will take. 

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, wait time on average also varies depending on what specific region you live and would be filing a claim for disability benefits from. The best way to be prepared is to take matters into your own hands for the stuff you can control.

 For example, all medical paperwork and documentation that is required should be acquired and turned into in a timely manner and you should continue to stay in touch with the VA making sure that nothing is missing and your claim is being processed correctly. In doing so, the best way to go about this is with the help of an experienced attorney. Again, with time you will receive a decision so being patient and understanding how the process works is key. 

The Department of Veterans Affairs aims to have a decision on cases within 125 days and if not, that case will be “backlogged” and reexamined at another time. Also for the year of 2020, there is a 1.6% increase in benefits. There are also payment schedules available online that can show you the month, date and day in which the payments are received by beneficiaries. 

If you are to receive a denial notice, do not worry it is not over.

 Choose to appeal your denied claim and be patient. Majority of claimants win after their first try so do not feel discouraged and keep fighting for your benefits. Just remember to help yourself by having the strongest case possibly with the correct documents required in the quickest time you can. 
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