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SSDI Claims, Costs & Guide

When dealing with Social Security Disability Claims, sometimes unexpected costs may come your way. Nobody ever wants to deal with these types of problems, especially when pursuing disability benefits that you are entitled to. There are many types of different unexpected costs that can occur during the time of your disability claim. Here we will break down examples of what kind of costs can occur, how you can avoid these and essentially how to prepare yourself during your SSDI claim. 

Nowadays, there are many ways in which you can navigate yourself throughout the Social Security Disability claims process. The first and most helpful tool to utilize would be to obtain a Social Security Disability lawyer. Doing this will help alleviate any pressure or confusion that may occur during the claims process where much paperwork and files are required. Most claimants do not fully understand the claims process and we understand that. This will also help in the scenarios where these unexpected and abrupt costs may appear during your claim process. These lawyers have years of experience in this field and know how to deal with these situations. They are also great with keeping you organized on the different steps throughout the claims process and staying up to date. 

If random costs come your way during the claims process, your attorney will be there to explain everything and why such costs may be occurring. These usually happen if some required paperwork or documents are missing and need to be recovered. Your disability lawyer is required to provide medical examinations, work records, etc.This is mainly the area where these unexpected costs will occur for you, and yes they can be expensive but it is most definitely worth the money and time. Remember, this whole process is to obtain these monthly benefit payments in which you are entitled to and with your impairment or disability, you are deserving and depending on these. Stay focused on your claim and ask any questions you may have. 

You may be wondering now what kind of unexpected costs may occur besides paperwork costs. An example of a sudden unexpected costs can be something such as a home expense cost. That said, if you are injured and claiming your SSDI benefits, taking care of or repairing these damages will cost you both time and money and since you are injured or suffering from impairment, this will be tough to deal with. Now these costs are not always avoidable as such as this example. You will need to take care of this expense as soon as possible so it does not cost you more time and more money in the near future. 

Another cost that is avoidable, but is definitely worth the expense is hiring a SSDI attorney. These attorneys will only cost you if you are to win your case. These attorneys work on a contingency basis and can only receive up to $6,000 or 25% of your backpay, whichever is less. The reason why a cost like this is so worth it is because of the statistics behind the success rate for claimants who have proper legal representation. 52% of claims were awarded to claimants who did have representation in 2018. 14% of claims were awarded to claimants who did not have representation in 2018. So with this in mind, why not go the route of hiring an attorney for a much greater chance of being awarded your benefits in which you are deserving of?

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