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Steps To Take For Your Next VA Health Appointment During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Steps You Could Take For Your Next VA Health Appointment During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Did you know that the VA has telehealth services?  This may not be news to you but this is news to many who are unaware of the VA’s capabilities to serve veterans, not only in crisis but on a daily basis.  The VA is well-equipped to remotely serve veterans during these times.

For upcoming routine appointments, the VA recommends using their Telehealth services which involve phone or video appointments for your scheduled health services.  While the VA may not be able to perform all procedures, they are making a great effort to assist veterans remotely during this time.  

Veterans with non-severe medical conditions have been urged by the VA to reschedule their appointments to a later date.  Urgent and Emergency services will continue as scheduled.

Here’s Instructions From The VA On How To Change Your In-Person Visit To A Telehealth Visit – see below

To change your in-person appointment to a telehealth visit:

Learn about VA telehealth appointments

If you are having an emergency please continue to seek medical attention.  
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