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Tips & Mistakes With SSDI Claims

When it comes time to dealing with Social Security Disability claims, there are many steps and tips you should focus on when filing your claim. Timing and precise planning play a huge part when filing your claim as the end goal is to come out of it successful and receive those monthly benefits..One of the best tools you can use to help yourself is to hire a SSDI attorney. With the proper representation and strong evidence you can provide, your case will become hard to deny. Take a look at the helpful tips you can use to improve your chances of receiving the benefits you deserve

Some of the best tips are:

Hire the proper representation -With the proper representation, it may speed up the process and will help simplify all the work required.

Acquire the correct paperwork and documentation as soon as possible -Some of the required paperwork include military discharge papers, birth certificates, medical injury evidence, United States citizenship, etc. These are all key to the claims process so make sure you have these before filing your claim.

Check if you exceed the SGA income limit -The SGA income limit for 2020 is $1,260 per month. 

Switching doctors if you need one that will support your claim. -If you feel as if your doctor is not supportive of your disability claim, switch immediately! You need a doctor that will help support your claim and provide the necessary paperwork/documents for your disability.

Be honest when filling out your application -Lying when filling out your application will get you nowhere. Without evidence supporting what you are claiming you will not receive any benefits and it will waste your time. Always be honest.

Filing on time and appealing before the deadline -After a denial notice a claimant has exactly 60 days to appeal that denied claim or they must start from scratch and file a new claim. Make sure you file immediately if you are to be denied. 70% of people do not win their initial claim, keep fighting.

Understand the Social Security Disability Process -Going into this process blind is a big disadvantage. Go through and learn how everything operates and educate yourself so you understand how you can best prepare yourself.

Staying on top of your claim status -Once your claim is filed, monitor it every step of the way. The more timely and accurate you are with your information and deadlines the better. Also if you are receiving benefits, make sure you continue to keep receiving them each month without any implications.

If you are working while applying, make sure no limits or rules are being violated -Do not exceed the monthly income limit, doing so will disqualify you from your monthly benefits.

Being patient -The claims process is quite lengthy, it will take some time but be patient and stay on top of deadlines and you should be fine.

Listing all symptoms that come with your disability -Do not leave out any symptoms, include everything. The more you are experiencing and list, the stronger your case can become.

Appealing your denied claim -Do not start a new claim after being denied. Appeal your denied claim immediately.

Attending all examinations -Make sure to attend your scheduled examinations, not doing so will delay the entire claims process!

DO NOT REPRESENT YOURSELF -Hire a SSDI attorney that will help you along the entire process and be by your side for any questions you may have. Remember, our attorneys do not get paid unless you win your case.

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