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Veteran Issues & Help

After years of military service, a large majority of veterans come back with injuries and disabilities that limit them for years as well as for the rest of their lives. Luckily there are many different benefit programs and opportunities that help these veterans get the necessary help they need after they are no longer capable of completing their daily tasks as they could before. 

The list goes on and on of different injuries and problems these veterans experience from their time in combat. Our main focus is to be dedicated to helping veterans that suffer from these injuries acquire those benefits that they truly deserve. 

One of the forgotten military events that could benefit you if you served in the correct time span is the defective“3M earplugs”. These earplugs were issued to military soldiers from 2003-2015. They were manufactured and produced by 3M and they were faulty and did not serve as a fully functioning earplug that kept soldiers ears completely safe from the loud noises they are exposed to everyday. If you believe that your ears could possibly be injured due to the usage of 3M earplugs during 2003-2015, make sure to file a claim! You could be missing out on big benefits. 

Veterans a lot of the time come back home and suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD occurs whenever a person experiences a traumatic or terrifying event and then future events can trigger this memory and cause them to “freak out” or have an instant panic. Anxiety, agitation, eagerness and much more come with PTSD and no veteran should ever be left without help while experiencing this. Veterans who suffer from or believe they could be dealing with PTSD should always seek help ASAP before it can get any worse. Filing a claim is the best step you can take. 

You should never not file a claim if you are fearful of not winning. Majority of successful veterans win on their 2nd try anyway. So stay determined and stay focused on obtaining those benefits in which you are entitled to. For veterans who may be suffering from vision loss, the VA gives a rating for each person. They use 3 measurements in total to combine and calculate a veterans final rating. Once this is accomplished, if the veteran meets all requirements and has a rating that qualifies, they will be compensated. 

Another scenario that veterans may seek help in is with the use of drugs and substances. There are tons and tons of veteran drug and alcohol treatments available. The VA offers so much help in this field for veterans who find themselves stuck in these situations after returning from deployment and being out of the military. Scientists have reported that around 20% of veterans that come back from service eventually have or instantly suffer from some kind of substance abuse. 

 Regardless of whatever you believe you may suffer from, there is always some sort of help available for your condition. Reach out to the Veterans Affairs, do some research or contact a law firm to ask questions about possible benefit programs you could be eligible for. 

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